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We are in beta!

Note: Scailable is currently in beta. Not every "beta" is the same, so we would like to make clear what we mean by beta. For us, "beta" means that real users (you) work with our software and identify issues that we were unable to find on our own. And, then, we do something about the issues you find. We learn how to make our product better. Thanks to you.

The site https://admin.sclbl.net makes use of a so called "strictly necessary" cooky to secure access to our administrative user interface and our rest enpoints. As these cookies are strictly necessary (and only used) to allow access the secure area of the current site, they do not require your explicit prior consent as per international and EU guidelines, as you implicitly consent to such cookies by entering the secured area. The secure and temporary cookie is called "sclbl", is cleared on logout, and has a lifetime of less than 60 minutes at a time.

Created in the Netherlands with ♥. For questions, contact us at go [at] scailable [dot] net.